Workforce Housing | Senior Independent Living

Residential Architectural Design that Delivers Beauty, Quality and Affordability

We take pride in designing and building workforce housing developments that people are proud to call home.

We have a long history of delivering affordable residential design services around the country under numerous public and private funding programs. We work with a wide variety of sponsors, including housing authorities, neighborhood development corporations, and for-profit and not-for-profit developers. With this experience, our team is poised to deliver a wealth of best practices to your affordable housing projects.

Our residential design process starts with a thorough analysis of the conceptual design from a regulatory, cost and livability perspective. Our LEED AP staff is committed to sustainable planning and design and proposes materials and methods that promote environmental quality, economic vitality and social benefits.

Our internal quality controls include:

  • Extensive knowledge of the projects’ building type
  • Proven technical solutions and components that form the backbone of construction documentation
  • Regular review and coordination meetings with our consultants
  • Drawing sets being checked at regular intervals by senior staff

All of our documentation is produced in industry standard electronic format using AutoCAD 2016. AutoCAD Architecture 2016 or Revit 2016.

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