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RDL Highlighted in Affordable Housing Finance Magazine

If you had a modest amount of money, say an extra $2,500, to spend anywhere at an affordable housing project, where would you put it?

Affordable Housing Finance (AHF) Magazine asked several architects and developers to share their ideas for where they would get the most bang for the money. The suggestions varied from adding a bocce ball court at a seniors development to upgrading the energy efficiency at a home. Boosting curb appeal is another popular choice. Here’s what our president and founder Ron Lloyd said:

“An additional $2,500 would best be utilized to improve a dwelling’s energy efficiency and sustainability. How that sum is applied most effectively depends upon the type of structure proposed. For example, if one were to construct a single-family home, $2,500 may go toward enhanced envelope insulation, more efficient windows, or upgrades to the dwelling’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and hot water generation systems. This investment thus will sustain the structure’s affordability over time through reduced costs to operate and maintain, reduced consumption of energy resources, and improved quality of the dwelling’s interior environment.”

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