A Place For Us
Cleveland, OH

A Place For Us is an affordable senior housing community located in Cleveland’s Highland Square neighborhood, offering 55 one and two-bedroom spacious apartments for those 55+ with alternative lifestyles. This senior development has specific services needed to support aging members of The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, Questioning (“LGBTQ”) community. A Place for Us and LGBTQ housing provides housing opportunities for an aging population that is often lacking close family relationships and suffering from isolation. A Place For Us offers physical spaces, programmatic activities and central gathering spaces that welcome everyone into the community.

A Place For Us is located at the edge of a local commercial district and the building was designed to create a neighborhood gateway. The masonry base reflects the scale of the adjacent historic retail building, and the entry and corner are illuminated to create a beacon when seen from the light rail transit station across the street.

Photo Credit: ©2016 Jan Shergalis