Circle North – A Glenville Community
Cleveland, OH

Working in concert with the Famicos Foundation, Glenville residents, and identified stakeholders, RDL Architects was engaged to prepare a transit-oriented development (TOD) plan for the Circle North community in Glenville.

RDL began with an extensive review of existing plans and incorporated these into the final document filling in gaps where needed. Additionally, the grant providers asked the client to justify the need for TOD in Glenville. RDL researched and composed a detailed report using data and graphics outlining existing commuting patterns, modalities, demographics, and neighborhood morphologies related to transit.

The final plan included in-depth analysis of the neighborhood and recommendations for future development incorporating mixed-income practices and building typology suggestions, adaptive reuse, new infill, public spaces and ‘big ideas’ tied to the neighborhood’s history, current identity and strengths.