Larimer Pointe Apartments
Pittsburgh, PA

Located in Pittsburgh’s Larimer neighborhood, this $9.5 million project is leading the rejuvenation of the community. Consisting of 22 new buildings placed on scattered-site infill lots, this project is carefully woven into the fabric of the surrounding neighborhood. Based on the scale and proportion of historic neighborhood structures, RDL Architects developed a unique architectural plan with enormous variety, designing each building to harmonize with its context, whether in residential areas or the community’s commercial district.

With strong energy performance, the community design achieved compliance with Green Communities and Energy Star Version 3, while also integrating innovative stormwater management practices throughout the site. Totaling 40 two- and three-bedroom apartments, the plan met sustainability and accessibility standards, resulting in an end product that is enjoyed by long-time neighbors and provides high-quality livable housing for new residents for many years to come.

Photo Credit: ©2015 Jan Shergalis