Pinstripes – River East
Chicago, IL

One of Chicago’s most distinctive structures, and a reminder of the lakefront’s industrial past, the old Pugh Terminal Warehouse was originally built over a 100 years ago. The 6-story north side of the building, fronting Illinois St, is clad in red face brick. The 7-story south side is stretched about a third of a mile along the Ogden Slip toward Lake Michigan.

The building has hosted a variety of uses over its life span, and recently has been revived as River East, a mix of office and retail. Among its newest tenants is entertainment magnet Pinstripes Inc. Pinstripes brings its mixture of bowling, bocce and banquets to the former warehouse and is ratcheting up competition for entertainment dollars in the downtown neighborhood.

Project Highlights:

  • Creative re-use transforms two level of the space previously used as a banquet/reception hall for weddings, into a distinctive dining and entertainment venue featuring a bistro with an upscale flair and cuisine, elegant wine cellars, alongside bowling and bocce fun
  • There are two bars, one located on the first floor near the main entry, the other located on the lower level
  • The Pinstripes venue is located right along the water next to the Ogden Slip so customers have the option to dock their boats and enter the entertainment facility through the lower level patio