Quadax Corporate Headquarters
Middleburg Heights, OH

This stunning design reclaims and beautifully transforms an existing building established in 1979. The full interior renovation included the addition of office space, a third-floor conference center, new windows and an elevator. Total space expansion from 87,000 to 101,000 square feet was completed through several innovative projects.

Project Highlights:

  • Elevation of the roof in the center of the building to create a third floor
  • Heightening of the building’s front entrance to a striking 22 feet, creating a dramatic view from the street
  • Extension of the reception area in length for a stunning two-story glazed lobby and clerestory
  • Addition of a clerestory for natural lighting
  • Re-use of an existing raised floor for the building’s electrical, performed data, and cabling distribution
  • Addition of 75 parking spaces for a total of 425 parking spaces