Crossroads Senior Village

The Crossroad Village apartment complex in Seymour, IN is a complete residential offering that promotes healthy living for those 55 or older. Designed to include community rooms, medical facilities, a library, a gym, a rooftop terrace, and a computer lab, the Crossroad Village residents have access to a wide range of on-site amenities. The complex is located right near the local hospital and connects to streets that give residents easy access to the rest of the city.

The living community features outdoor space on the third floor of the complex with views that look onto the city of Seymour. This strikes a welcomed balance between privacy and having good outdoor access with visual connectivity to nature and the community.

The name Crossroad Village ties into its home of Seymour, which is known as the “Crossroads of Southern Indiana,” named for the intersection of two major railroads in the city’s center.

LOCATION | Seymour, Indiana

CLIENT | Jonesboro Development

PROJECT SIZE | 76,025 sq ft

STUDIO | Residential

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