We believe in the power and efficiency of a collaborative design process.


What began with our founder, Ron Lloyd, in 1995 has evolved into RDL as we know it today. Throughout the past 25 years, we’ve continued to add talent and expertise to the firm by making an investment in the right people. Over the past two decades, RDL has grown from having three employees to, now, over 40 employees that work nationally. With this evolution, our talent has grown. Our experienced leaders and teams, across all five studios, have successfully managed hundreds of projects, reflecting dedicated and innovative results. This is also seen through the growth of our services. Today, we offer Senior Living, Placemaking, Interior Design, Residential and Commercial support – more than doubling our initial business offering. It is only through our team at RDL that this was made possible.


Our mission is to serve the present and influence the future through careful planning and thoughtful design of timeless architecture. By using research to inform design, we can enhance the user experience for all who enter the space. RDL Architects has established a strong placemaking, architecture, and interior design portfolio which spans across building type, style and function, and is tailored to fit the needs of all clients.


We believe in the power and efficiency of a collaborative design process rooted in research. First and foremost, we identify the project’s goals, challenges, obstacles, and requirements. Based on these assessments, we create a plan with clear, concise, and measurable objectives to achieve these goals, partnering with clients, contractors and construction managers throughout the entire process.

A history of visioning, expertise and team building.


Interaction fueled
by respect
and humility


Spaces that serve a purpose
while making way
for new perspectives


The creation of
new opportunities for
clients and communities