Placemaking Studio

Placemaking is at the core of our practice, and understanding who will live, work and play in a space is fundamental to our design approach. By bringing out the identity and inherent character of a place, we have the ability to transform areas into an intended, well-designed, meaningful space.

Creating environments that connect people to place and embracing the opportunities presented in each community requires an empathetic and understanding approach. Through meetings, charrettes and everyday correspondence, we are able to better understand and ultimately fulfill both your vision and the community’s vision.


  • Master Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Urban Design
  • Neighborhood Planning
  • Design Guidelines
  • Community Engagement
  • Concept Design & Visioning


RDL Architects -Placemaking
RDL Architects -Placemaking
RDL Architects -Placemaking
RDL Architects -Placemaking

Enhancing the human experience with thoughtful considerations around the structure and functionality of space.

Get to know the people behind the work.