Station Square

The Freight House Shops, an iconic Pittsburgh shopping and dining destination is being converted from an enclosed mall to a multi-tenant building that includes a training center for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Campus (UPMC), First Ascent climbing wall facility, and several new restaurants that will line Station Square Drive.

The existing building received a new roof, clerestory windows and Placemaking elements that attract customers and re-establish Station Square as the preeminent downtown destination for dining and entertainment, including new outdoor seating areas and patios.

Bessemer Court, which faces the river and the central business district, is being revamped with new lighting, landscaping, and special features to enhance its prominent location and proximity to downtown.

The adjacent eight-story Commerce Court building redesign will include new retail shops, a redesigned Homerun Harry’s entrance, a new fitness center and ungraded restrooms.

The revitalized Carson Street features new window openings, patio space and landscaping.

LOCATION | Pittsburgh, PA

CLIENT | Brookfield Properties

PROJECT SIZE | 100,000 sq ft

STUDIO | Commercial

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