Vibrant Discovery, Visual Storytelling, New World Experiences made Possible through the Art and Science of Placemaking

At RDL Architects, we believe in unique possibilities for distinctive places. There is no one answer for every project or every community. For a place without an identity or for places looking to strengthen their inherent character, our design process has the ability to transform a space into a meaningful place. Working with our clients and identified stakeholders is fundamental to our process. Placemaking is at the core of our practice.

A sense of place is at the heart of community experiences. At RDL, we feel the art of placemaking has evolved out of the need for authentic spaces that are designed to speak to the core needs of people.

Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Environmental Graphics and Landscape Design are the components of a complete physical place. This allows us to create a narrative, because every place has a story.

Our project design and placemaking services include:

  • Programming
  • Master planning
  • Project yield/project pro forma analysis
  • Site design/streetscape
  • Comprehensive design guidelines/tenant criteria manuals
  • Accessibility standards
  • Community security and safety standards
  • Usage of “green” sustaining principles
  • Evaluating possible effects of the building’s presence within the natural environment
  • Efficient linkage of infrastructure, buildings and community spaces
  • Consideration of creation of job opportunities, shopping options, noise, community character, and cost of living to the neighborhood residents

As one of the leading architecture and placemaking firms, our clients rely on us from the point of inception to final occupancy. To learn more about our full range of services, contact us today.

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