Get Your Project Off to a Successful Start Through Smart, Sustainable Placemaking

Our dedicated team of specialized project planners and designers are responsible for ensuring you have a well-conceived project that leads to top-quality design. With experience and expertise, we meet the highest standards in terms of accessibility, sustainability and environmental impact (both natural and built).

From evaluating the goals of your project’s program in context with the community at large to helping you determine if your project makes financial sense, start right and end well with RDL Architects.

Our project design and placemaking services include:

  • Programming
  • Master planning
  • Project yield/project pro forma analysis
  • Site design/streetscape
  • Comprehensive design guidelines/tenant criteria manuals
  • Accessibility standards
  • Community security and safety standards
  • Usage of “green” sustaining principles
  • Evaluating possible effects of the building’s presence within the natural environment
  • Efficient linkage of infrastructure, buildings and community spaces
  • Consideration of creation of job opportunities, shopping options, noise, community character, and cost of living to the neighborhood residents

As one of the leading architecture and placemaking firms, our clients rely on us from the point of inception to final occupancy. To learn more about our full range of services, contact us today.

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