Cain Park Village

RDL has approached the rehabilitation of Cain Park Village in Cleveland Heights, OH with the vision of creating a distinctive neighborhood that serves as a regional destination. Utilizing the rich entertainment and recreational centerpiece that is Cain Park along with the neighborhood’s unique cultural history, RDL has endeavored to create a human-scaled neighborhood featuring housing, retail, office space, district parking, a performance venue, an enhanced pedestrian experience, a central public plaza, and an interconnected green space. This project provides an opportunity to strengthen the identity of the Taylor Road Corridor where it meets Cain Park.

A component of the proposed Cain Park Village is to convert the existing street to one that is green, welcoming, and universal. RDL envisions a new design for the public right-of-way, which would include on-street parallel parking, protected bike lanes, a reduction in driving lanes, a wide barrier-free pedestrian through zone, and an amenity zone with landscaping and furniture to promote gathering. A focal point of the proposal is Tudor Plaza, which would introduce a new, public gathering space in the center of Cain Park.

Additionally, RDL is encouraging a year-round extension of the active programming of Cain Park by creating a new indoor performance space in the core of the neighborhood. This will help the community see its full potential as a place for specialty entertainment, with dedicated space for outdoor entertainment in summer and indoor offerings in winter.

The design takes into consideration safety and security concerns by promoting natural surveillance. This is accomplished through the inclusion of a centrally located plaza that opens onto the public right-of-way, an amenity zone in the new streetscape, a mix of uses, and the improvement of sightlines.

The proposed mixed-use buildings utilize a contemporary aesthetic with human-scale design elements inspired by the existing historic structures.  This approach allows for the new structures to live in harmony with the historic nature of the district.  Through this proposal, RDL is proud to have expanded upon the rich history of Cain Park while adding amenities that allow residents and guests to experience the area in new, dynamic ways.

LOCATION | Cleveland Heights, OH


PROJECT SIZE | Total: 300 units & 80,000 sq ft

STUDIO | Placemaking

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