Circle East

The Circle East District Visioning project is an opportunity for the City of East Cleveland and the Cuyahoga Land Bank to provide a new vision that enhances East Cleveland’s identity and quality of life.  RDL’s Placemaking Studio worked with City and the Land Bank to develop a new design that empowers the community to overcome long-standing challenges posed by poverty and vacant properties.

Through the use of photorealistic renderings and animation, RDL crafted a community-focused design centered around mixed-use development, infill residential construction, improved pedestrian streetscapes, and a large plaza for outdoor gatherings.  Our proposed design creates a strong connection with the street through the implementation of new porches, balconies, and the re-orientation of the buildings toward public space. Another key component of this project is the addition of new midblock connections, which create streets with parallel parking and sidewalks along the front of the homes – ensuring the parking spaces aren’t isolated in secluded areas.

Not only did this vision preserve and build upon the historic fabric of the neighborhood through the re-utilization of older buildings, but it also leveraged current assets of the area such as Lake View Cemetery, proximity to University Circle, and access to GCRTA’s HealthLine.  A collective vision for the district has been made possible through community engagement events, giving East Cleveland residents opportunities to respond to our proposed design and meaningfully engage in the process.

LOCATION | East Cleveland, Ohio

CLIENT | Cuyahoga Land Bank

STUDIO | Placemaking

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