Hoover District

The Hoover District is a transformative placemaking project that will elevate North Canton’s downtown to a more vibrant, human-scaled, and pedestrian-oriented destination. RDL, the City of North Canton, ICP, Mannik Smith Group, Naylor Wellman, and Meld Architects are moving forward in earnest with expanded plans to upgrade the downtown experience.

Our proposed design seeks to transform the Hoover District and surrounding area into a park-once-and-walk district.  Building upon open space at the northeast corner of Main and Maple Streets, the project creates a new town square, to be known as “The City Center Green,” where people can gather, and community programming can occur. City Hall, the public library, the Community Christian Church, and the historic Hoover Building serve as a rich backdrop to the square.

The City Center Green will be complete with amenities that include an open lawn, performance stage, pedestrian promenade, dining terrace, picnic knoll, seating walls, planting beds, and walking paths. Our vision while tying downtown to the surrounding community. The new design creates room for on-street parking, an amenity strip lined with street trees, light poles, and a wider, more comfortable sidewalk for pedestrians. As pedestrians walk along Main Street, they’ll encounter “The Hoover Vacuum, Clean Through Time” integrated art experience. The oversized vacuums with incorporated pedestrian lighting, designed to mimic actual Hoover models, will lead pedestrians from the public sidewalk into the Grand Courtyard. Ultimately, the updated design will make walking around downtown North Canton a pleasant experience that rivals using a car.

LOCATION | North Canton, Ohio

CLIENT | Industrial Commercial Properties

STUDIO | Placemaking

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