Piggy Street

Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood is a community defined by its deep history, cultural significance, and vibrant street life. A growing University Circle district has created greater demand for housing. This demand has resulted in large-scale development inconsistent with the historic context of the neighborhood. The Piggy Street project, a quarter-acre site, seeks to provide new for-sale housing that is sensitive to the scale and historical nature of the neighborhood. RDL utilized The Secretary of Interiors Standards as a framework to develop a three-tiered project approach of restoration, rehabilitation, and new construction. The final design met the Landmarks Commission’s goal of contextual appropriateness for the neighborhood.

The three-tiered approach was developed in response to the three building conditions described below:

  • Rehabilitation of 12404 Mayfield Road: This existing three-story, wood-framed, mixed-use building is currently architecturally unremarkable. While the current building will remain intact to preserve historical and cultural features, significant façade rehabilitation will ultimately restore its original relationship with the sidewalk. Ground floor retail opportunities will be enhanced while also adding new balconies and a rooftop loft that transform the residential experience on the upper floors.
  • Restoration of 12408 Mayfield Road: This two-story, masonry structure, mixed-use building will be a faithful restoration of original features of the historic property. This includes removing concrete that was applied over the historic brick façade and a restoration of the original storefront.
  • New construction of 12405 Fairview Court (Known by locals as Piggy Street): Fulfilling the longtime residents’ goal to attract new homeowners to Little Italy, this new three-story building will include two condominium units. Each features decorative panels, outdoor terraces and balconies, and ground floor parking.

Collectively the three buildings will include five condominium units and two office spaces on Mayfield Road. The buildings will be joined by a re-designed courtyard with amenities that unify this enclave. Satisfying modern code requirements while working within extremely tight property site parameters are among the unique hurdles that RDL resolved to make this project a success.

LOCATION | Little Italy, Cleveland, Ohio


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