Ashford of Grove City

Ashford of Grove City is a middle-market affordable residential community offering a full range of senior living choices from independent apartments to assisted living and memory care. Located in a thriving suburban neighborhood within walking distance to shopping, the project consists of a three-story, apartment and assisted living section connected by the Commons to a one-story, 36 unit, Memory Care residence. Amenities include a pub, multiple restaurant style dining areas, a Great Room, fitness and multipurpose rooms.

The Memory Care residence is designed to function as two separate households with their own dining, living and activity areas. Each household has direct access to the secure, beautifully landscaped courtyard. Operational efficiency was achieved by centrally locating the main production kitchen and back-of -house service areas between the Commons and the memory care.

The RDL team met the goal of keeping the development costs low by standardizing the apartment layouts, programming modest multiuse common spaces and designing an efficient, compact building layout.

LOCATION | Grove City, Ohio

CLIENT | Wallick Development

PROJECT SIZE | 101,063 sq ft

STUDIO | Senior Living, Interior Design

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