Silver Maple

A drug and alcohol recovery center for men, Silver Maple offers withdrawal management and behavioral health services in a residential setting.

The two-story interior renovation with a single-story addition consists of eight medical detox units and twelve semi-private units of shared living space. The renovation added lounge spaces, fitness and exercise facility, media/meeting room, indoor pool with hot tub, a sauna, outdoor water features and walking paths.

Careful attention was paid to the selections and appointment of interior fabrics, fixtures, and furnishings, all essential elements of the strategic programming to create a nurturing and safe environment for healing and recovery. Natural materials and textures including wood accents, a preserved moss wall, and walls paired with modern, clean finishes aim to provide a sense of comfort and overall wellbeing. 

LOCATION | Vermillion, OH

CLIENT | Sprenger Health Care Systems

PROJECT SIZE | 13,325 sq ft; 42 units

STUDIO | Interior Design

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